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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tools of the Trade

I love to write, and have been working on creative writing projects of my own. Contrary to popular mythology, I find the lonely writer does not sit down at the keyboard, open up a direct line to the muse, and begin spewing beautiful prose onto the screen. Writing well involves a lot of research, a lot of organization, and achingly difficult bridge-building between ideas. It takes all that, and a vast amount of uninterrupted solitude, to make the artifice sound and feel like the real thing.

One device that has helped me enormously is simple worksheets for organizing timelines and events. I have devised two .pdf's, nothing fancy, for doing that over a 12 chapter and 16 chapter framework. Help youselves!

I would also like to put in a big plug here for a very nicely engineered, inexpensive writing software. I have been using Write It Now for a few years and I love it. Packed with features, but simple to use, a very easy learning curve, but a very flexible, writer oriented program. Check it out.


lb said...

Hi! I just read a post of yours on the Stitcher's Guild discussion page and wondered if I could ask you a few questions since it sounds like you share my sensibilities. I am looking to purchase a new machine to do quilting and embroidery and initially thought it a better idea to get 2 separate machines, as you suggested in your post. But all the dealers I spoke to are pushing the combination units. I also really resent the price fixing and secrecy about prices. You mentioned that you thought buying on-line is a better option. Is it possible to buy the best machines on-line? I have gotten the impression that brands like Brother, BabyLock, Bernina, Viking etc. are held very tightly to territorial dealers and they can't be purchased any other way unless you go the used route like ebay which I am reluctant to do - besides you can't often find the latest models. Do you have any ideas about this? I hope you don't mind my asking....

Anonymous said...

Not only do I not mind, I will dedicate a whole blog entry to this question. It comes up a lot on the chat boards etc. and deserves detailed attention!

WesternWilson said...

Short answer is yes, you can buy machines used and online. I got my beloved Bernina from JudySue of EBay. If you have a good machine tech in your area (I have access to Vancouver, BC's fabulous Eurotech Sewing Machine Repair!) you can buy used with confidence, knowing you have someone to fix and maintain your new baby.

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